Why it’s worth it!

“You may collect fewer business cards here than at other events – but they’re just the right ones!”

“Encountering 25 new and clever ideas in one day isn’t just very inspiring but also excellent for reasons of efficiency”

“Start the future focuses on personal, direct exchange. This is the basic prerequisite for initiating a trusting and promising cooperative endeavour.”

“The companies we met here are a perfect fit for us: they are agile, flexibly organized and have the same innovative speed as us.”

“When it comes to developing and testing new ideas, a young, dynamic start-up is the ideal partner.”

“Start up the Future offers everything in one room: initial information through pitches, prototype demonstrators and retreat rooms for in-depth initial discussions.”

“STARTUP THE FUTURE is an outstanding format. You can easily establish direct connection to start-ups that have the right solutions for mechanical engineering.”

“In contrast to the big companies in the industry, small companies cannot afford their own innovation department. But here, you can easily find the perfect solutions that fit your own line of business.”

“An ideal opportunity to engage in discussion with young companies and to broaden one’s horizons in the spirit of an open culture of innovation.”

“With our solutions for mechanical and plant engineering, we have met our core target group here. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

“Rarely have I been so inspired within half a day as I was at STARTUP THE FUTURE”

“A Swabian mid-size company and startup are a really good cultural fit: “Identify a problem, work on a solution, implement it – without any red tape and in no time at all.”


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