The Matching-Event for Industry and Tech-Startups

What to expect and what concrete benefit you get from this event format

Looking for solutions? Fathom out cooperations with many possible partners in one place?

The matching format STARTUP THE FUTURE offers exactly that: Here you will not only find fresh ideas and new technologies, but also potential cooperation partners whose innovative, forward-looking solutions fit your problem. STARTUP THE FUTURE functions as a highly efficient matching platform where you can get into direct and concrete discussions.

The 2021 event will take place online – even more focused, even better!

STARTUP THE FUTURE – Digital Edition



  •  Application phase
    •  National and international startups send their applications by July 9th 2021.
    •  A jury of experts will review all applications and select 20 startups.
  •  Pitches
    •  The pitches of the startups will be recorded in a high-quality setting. We support this together with our event agency.
    •  We will produce a short and long version of two and seven minutes respectively.
    •  The two-minute video serves as a teaser and will be posted on the website in advance for company representatives to view.
    •  The seven-minute version will be shown on the day of the event.
    •  Filming location: Gate 22, Filderstadt, near STR airport
    •  Pre-recordings: 16th and 17th September 2021 (obligatory)

Event on 14.10.2021

  •  The pitch will be played out exclusively several times.
  •  After each pitch, the startups and company representatives will have the opportunity to talk live in digital rooms in small groups.
  •  Keynotes and panel discussions complete the programme.

After the event

  •  If necessary, we will support you in making contact afterwards.
  •  The startups will receive the two videos for further use for their own purposes.
  •  On the website, the start-ups will be briefly introduced with a contact person and the pitch will be added.

Connect to the real potentials

20 high-tech startups present their Industry 4.0 solutions. Startups from Baden-Württemberg, Germany and Europe. Evaluated and selected by an expert jury.

Present your solution to the real executives

About 200 actual industry-related decision-makers will participate. Managing directors, development managers, production managers or project managers. No consultants, no VC investors.

No bullshit – just bingo

The event doesn’t include any unnecessary frills. No slides bursting with content, no stage show, no pseudo-cool evening event. Instead, the focus is on engaging in discussions about concrete offer and needs-based solutions.

Space for real co-working

We support you in your quest to initiate discussions before, during and after the event, and offer you rooms in which you can engage in a trustworthy exchange.

Startups benefit from

  •  direct access to around 200 industry decision makers
  •  a broad spectrum of industrial companies, from sensor manufacturers to suppliers of highly integrated systems
  •  genuine and overriding interest in technical solutions and cooperative projects
  •  reliable partners, for our companies are:
    •  highly innovative, hands-on and open to new ideas
    •  interested in cooperative and innovative projects, which they are already applying in their day-to-day business
    •  open to high performing partners
    •  technology-savvy and, in many cases, already offering hybrid services
    •  on the look-out for high-performance and innovative partners who are searching for long-term co-operations with equals
  • the opportunity to join a well-established and professional ecosystem
    •  opportunity to implement your idea in productive use and prove its suitability for application
    •  access to domain knowledge and professional structures

We offer industrial companies

  • Contact to 20 young and committed entrepreneurs from Germany, Europe and the rest of the world who have successfully passed a selection process
  • Customised solutions that precisely meet the technological requirements of mechanical engineering/user industries
  • An overview of the latest technological developments in mechanical engineering
  • Access to new and unconventional ideas that transcend time-honoured solutions
  • Access to know-how, not only in the field of IT
  • Creative approaches to improving existing services that go beyond “everything will change radically”
  • Space for bilateral discussions

Baden-Württemberg: A perfect ecosystem for startups

  •  Over 100,000 industrial enterprises Baden-Württemberg’s trump card is its high density of industrial companies: Over 100,000 industrial enterprises = over 100,000 potential clients
  •  Land of the global market leaders The southwest is home to many globally successful companies and represents virtually the entire spectrum of industrial users
  •  Industrial diversity Baden-Württemberg has a diverse industrial structure. In addition to large corporations, small and medium-sized companies from a wide range of industries are also driving the economy
  •  Excellence in teaching and research With more than 70 universities and over 100 non-university research institutions, Baden-Württemberg is one of the top science locations in Europe