Conditions of participation – Participants

§ 1 Overview

(1) VDMA e.V. Baden-Württemberg with the Allianz Industrie 4.0 Baden-Württemberg is the organiser of the matchmaking event “Startup the Future” (hereinafter referred to as Startup the Future).

(2) The goal of Startup the Future is to connect innovative start-ups with decision-makers and employees of industrial companies.

(3) Startup the Future will take place in digital form on 14.10.2021.

(4) The organiser is entitled to change the venue or times for good cause.

(5) The event languages are German and English.

§ 2 Registration and eligibility

(1) The Startup the Future format is aimed at decision-makers and employees of industrial companies, preferably from the mechanical engineering sector.

(2) Participants register for the event using the registration form accessible on the Startup the Future website (

(3) After successful registration, participants will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

(4) The organiser shall check the participants’ registrations in advance regarding the target group of the event. After the check has been carried out, the participants will receive information about their admission to the event.

(5) There is no entitlement to participate in Startup the Future. The organiser reserves the right to exclude persons from the event.

§ 3 General rules

(1) By registering for Startup the Future, participants agree to the rules stated here and to the decisions of the organiser.

(2) The organiser reserves the right at any time to exclude participants from the event who violate the official conditions of participation, disrupt the course of the event, or behave inappropriately.

(3) Should the feasibility of Startup the Future be endangered at the Organiser’s discretion, the Organiser reserves the right at any time to a) interrupt the event and resume it after a certain period, b) take other measures that seem appropriate in the situation or c) terminate the event.

(4) The organiser reserves the right to postpone or cancel the event for important reasons.

§ 4 Miscellaneous

(1) These Terms and Conditions of Participation and the legal relationship arising therefrom shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The place of jurisdiction is Stuttgart.

(2) Should individually provisions of these Conditions of Participation be or become invalid in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

(3) Ancillary agreements are only legally binding if they are made in writing or confirmed in writing.

(4) Cancellation of participation is possible at any time and must be made in writing (by post, e-mail, or fax) to the coordination office of the Industrie 4.0 Baden-Württemberg Alliance.

(5) The German version of the Conditions of Participation shall be solely authoritative in relation to the English version for interpretation in the event of differences.

Status: 10/08/2021