Why it’s worth it

“To be confronted with 25 new and bright ideas in one day is not only very inspiring, but also excellent from an efficiency point of view.”

“You may collect fewer business cards here than at other events – but you collect exactly the right ones!”

“At STARTUP THE FUTURE, the focus is on personal and direct exchange. This is the basic prerequisite for the initiation of a trusting and promising cooperation.”

“STARTUP THE FUTURE is an excellent format. Here, you get to know startups that present suitable solutions for mechanical engineering in a direct and uncomplicated way.”

“When it comes to developing and trying out new ideas, a young, dynamic startup is the ideal partner.”

“The companies we met here are a perfect fit for us: they are agile, flexibly organised and have the same speed of innovation as we have.”

“STARTUP THE FUTURE offers everything in one space: initial information through pitches, demonstrators of prototypes and retreats for in-depth initial discussions.”

“Unlike the big players in the industry, small companies cannot afford their own innovation department. But here you can easily find exactly the solutions that fit your own business field.”

“An ideal opportunity to get into conversation with young companies and to think outside the box in the spirit of the open innovation culture.”

“With our solutions for mechanical and plant engineering, we have hit our core target group here. It doesn’t get any better than this!”

“Culturally, a Swabian medium-sized company and a startup fit together really well: Identify the problem, work on a solution, implement it – quickly and unbureaucratically.”

“Rarely have I received so much inspiration in half a day as I did at STARTUP THE FUTURE.”

Success Stories

Almost three quarters of all companies have initiated follow-up activities with start-ups. Around 25 concrete projects have been created with corporates!

HD Vision Systems GmbH: Camera System

NAiSE GmbH: Indoornavigation

TruPhysics GmbH: VR Application