“STARTUP THE FUTURE” is aimed at

  • high-tech start-ups with solutions for industry
  • and innovative industrial enterprises, in particular from the machinery and plant engineering sector.

The format has been tailored to meet the needs of these two groups and pursues the sole objective:

Meet your match!

We offer industrial companies

  • Contact to 25 young and committed entrepreneurs from Germany, Europe and the rest of the world who have successfully passed a selection process
  • Customised solutions that precisely meet the technological requirements of mechanical engineering / user industries
  • Access to new and unconventional ideas that transcend time-honoured solutions
  • Access to know-how, not only in the field of IT
  • Creative approaches to improving existing services that go beyond “everything will change radically”
  • Space for bilateral discussions

Start-ups profit from

  • Direct access to over 150 industry decision makers
  • A broad spectrum of industrial companies, from sensor manufacturers to suppliers of highly integrated systems
  • Genuine and overriding interest in technical solutions and cooperative projects
  • Reliable partners. That’s because our companies are:
    • highly innovative, hands-on and open to new ideas
    • interested in cooperative and innovative projects, which they are already applying in their day-to-day business
    • open to high performing partners
    • technology-savvy and, in many cases, already offering hybrid services
    • on the look-out for high-performance and innovative partners who are searching for long-term co-operations with equals
  • Opportunities to implement your idea for productive use and to prove its suitability for application
  • Access to the experience-based knowledge and professional structures of established companies

Baden-Württemberg: A perfect eco-system for start-ups

  • Over 100,000 industrial enterprises: Baden-Württemberg’s trump card is its high density of industrial companies: Over 100,000 industrial enterprises = over 100,000 potential clients
  • Land of the global market leaders: The southwest is home to many globally successful companies and represents virtually the entire spectrum of industrial users
  • Industrial diversity: Baden-Württemberg has a diverse industrial structure. In addition to large corporations, small and medium-sized companies from a wide range of industries are also driving the economy
  • Excellence in teaching and research: With more than 70 universities and over 100 non-university research institutions, Baden-Württemberg is one of the top science locations in Europe



EVENT 2017

At the kick-off event on 16/11/2017 in Stuttgart, a total of 24 hand-picked European start-ups whose Industry 4.0 solutions cater specifically to mechanical engineering introduced themselves. Around 120 industry decision-makers from Baden-Württemberg took part.

In keeping with the “Meet your Match” concept, alongside the pitches, there was an opportunity to engage in personal discussions.